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Commonly referred to as MRC. They are the simple example of how rowing should be. They are the definition of the term winners. Also have you seen there freshman/varsity/novice girls? HOTT! And don't even get me started on their speech patterns. If you ever see them dancing around at a regatta it is because they are performing their awe-inspiring ritual of classiness and you should bow in their presence. NO! they are not getting yelled at by their coach it is a fear inducing strategy!
Glencoco: i hope we win our freshman quad today!
Whitethunder: pssssshhh we don't have a chance! we are racing Miami Rowing Club!

John: dude did you see those girls they're so sexual!
Tony: no shit man they're from MRC!
by Dem Gurls May 12, 2012
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The most amazing rowing club in Miami, Florida, and the United States. Commonly known as "MRC." The Miami Rowing Club boasts the hottest Men's Varsity 8+ boat, as well as the best Novice Girls' 8+ in the country. The Novice Girls from MRC are the most beast-like girls around and are always made fun of by jealous people who wish they were that good their Novice Year.
Guy 1: "Who won the most overall gold medals for this regatta?"
Guy 2: "Miami Rowing Club."
by sslcc@UM May 06, 2009
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A rowing club in Miami, FL also known as MRC. The mens varsity lightweight 8 currently hold the best time for a 2K in the US and the women are nothing to mess with either. When they erg they blast house music and when they race they win.
Girl1: What's all that noise?
Girl2: It's the guys from Miami Rowing Club blasting house music again.
Girl1: They're so cool

Guy1: Who are we racing in today's regatta?
Guy2: Miami Rowing Club
Guy1: We're gonna lose
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