This word has many meanings. It can be used in the context of frustration, happiness, sadness, even excitement. Depending on other words its paired with or the way the word is said, depends on the interpretation of the word. This is similar to the word fuck, which is very versitile as well.
MIAH!!!! That woman is annoying me, why is she staring at me?!
by Ashley January 08, 2004
Top Definition
This word has many meanings, but usually means eloquence and innocence. This name refers to someone cute, sweet, smart, and very lovable.
Miah will never do something illegal.
by Hoona Jo April 16, 2007
This word goes to a girl, lady, or women. Its is a word that has many meanings, it is a word that means other words like a a strong, lovely, wonderful young girl. A girl a man will love and adore for the rest of his life.

This young/old women will succeed many things in life. She will be indestructible!
Miah is a name with many many descriptions
by miaj June 21, 2014
a very sacred wolf that has only been seen once in the amazon forest, it seems to protect the most beautiful flower on earth , the bizzi flower, which also is only found there. a miah is seemingly sweet and more like a household dog but if you were to try to pick or get near the bizzi flower a miah is most likely to eat you alive
person #1-omg! did you hear about the guy who saw the bizzi flower and tried to take it to give it to his wife?

person #2-yea hes was eaten by miah!

person #1- i know its crazy! i guess bizzi flowers will belong to the miahs forever.
by amazon flower October 20, 2009
"Miah" is a nickname given to people whose names are Jeremiah.
"Hey Miah!" She called out as Jeremiah walked down the hallway.
by Sierra McLovin December 15, 2013
Someone who is stubborn, sassy, fabulous, weird, awkward, an introvert, creative, smart, artistic, kind, generous, beautiful and helpful.
It is pronounced My-ah not Mia if their name was Mia there wouldn't be an 'h'

Ian: You see that girl over there with the Diva curls and sassy shirt?
Ethan: Yeah, she looks like a Miah
by Fancy Bunny May 24, 2016
its a great filler word to fill in for a variety of emotions, like:
1) anxiety
2) deppression
3) happiness
4) boredom
5) anger
6) confusion
i use it with my friends and it really connects you to them. this word is like an instinct. it is very versatile, yes. it is similar to the word "what."
i have heard it being used in many scandinavian countries. gefloggen bogen.
moja pipka swendzi!
i got the lowest grade in pipka class...miah... :(
by cloudeddooky January 11, 2004
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