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The swine flu came from Mexico, therefore its now the Mexican Flu. This flu is potentially deadly even to young healthy adults. If you have the Mexican Flu you should you should consider burrying yourself for weeks.
Yo, my girl just came from Mexico and now she has the Mexican flu..... that hoe must have sucked face with a few of them.
by olavahc April 28, 2009
When a person just doesnt want to do anything and uses this as an excuse
Person 1: Dude i dont do anything today im sick
Person 2: O really what do u have
Persin 1: Ive got mexican flu
Person 2: O u should get ur rest
by Mxman March 22, 2009
The 2009 equivalent of the Asian Flu. It is a deadly disease that is contagious,has caused much political and social distress in the United States, and it originated in Mexico.
Bird Flu is to Asian Flu, as Swine Flu is to Mexican Flu.
by Taps 9/11 April 29, 2009
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