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When you chase a double-shot of tequila with a double-shot of Tapatio. Optionally, the subject may also snort a line of salt as either the first or third step.
Jose drank so many Mexican Strikeouts that he did not even realize that he was the victim of double anal.
by KelleyRoss August 13, 2009
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Similar to a normal "strikeout," but with a Mexican twist! To enjoy a Mexican Strikeout one begins with a hefty bong rip, followed by a shot of tequila, chased with a full Mexican beer, and finishing with the exhalation of the bong rip.

Popular Mexican beers include: Dos Equis (XX), Tecate, Modelo
Met up with some of my friends today; Mary Jane had bud, Pablo had Sauza, and Luis had Tecate. We all knew this could only mean one thing, Mexican Strikeouts!

We were all FUCKED up!
by Lita Chiquita July 23, 2009

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