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Five in the front, five in the back.
Me: Dude, I totally gave Lisa a Mexican Minivan last night!
Jim: How was it?
Me: Awesome, except i clenched my fist after it was inside, pulled out a handful of poop.
by fuzzygorrila February 03, 2010
5 in the front and 5 in the back. When a man fists a woman through both her vagina and her asshole.
" Imma fit you up and make you into a Mexican Mini Van!!"
by CAPT JTK September 24, 2009
The act of sticking two fingers in a woman's vagina while your friend double-fists the ass. Hence there are two in the front, 10 in the back.
wanna give bridget a mexican minivan with me?
by bitch mancini January 31, 2011