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When a mean bastard slaps on a loveglove, slices open an habanero pepper and rubs it all over the condom before making the beast with two backs with some unsuspecting babe.


Texas Crotchrocket: Use Jalapeno instead of Habanero pepper
Cajun Crotchrocket: Use Cayenne Pepper instead of Habanero
NYPD Crotchrocket: Use 10%OC pepper spray instead of Habanero
"Mickey found out Minnie was getting dp'ed on the reg by Goofy and Donald Duck so he gave that bitch a Mexican Crotchrocket she'll never forget!!!!"
by gentat October 25, 2011
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A sultty mexican chick that me that me you cum quick.
that mexican crotch rocket gave me crab last night
by TCI student August 06, 2009
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