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Never married overly horny yet hard-core Catholic Mexican girl who remains unorthodox chaste on her wedding day.

Before marriage she is intensely horny but at the same time is a hard-core Catholic who is 100% committed to her faith. Normally grows up in small farm village where the immorality of Mexico City, Guadalajara or Monterrey does not exist. While growing up in said small village, heavily indoctrinated into Catholicism which includes staying chaste until after marriage.

In order to stay chaste but at the same time satisfy her urges, she will take it up the arse and in the mouth. Due to the lack of promiscuous girls in her village she has nearly ass/mouth fucked all the men in her village as she is the only puta around.

On her wedding her hymen is still intact.
Pedro: "Oye Juan, did you fuck Esmeralda en la panoche last night?"

Juan: "No Pedro, I only got a blow-job and fucked her in the culo, you know she is a Mexican Virgin."
by markemarkmark July 18, 2011

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