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When one partner is giving another partner oral pleasure. The receiving partner intentionally or unintentionally farts and when they fart they blow watery shit all over the neck and chest of there partner. Most often found in exotic locations were visitors stomachs are not acclimated to the local fare.
John and Susie were in mexico for vacation. Johns stomach wasn't feeling well from the water and or spicy food but Susie was feeling frisky from the margaritas and she went down on John dispite his condition as susie was down town giving John the business. John thought he could relieve some preasure out the back door. To John and Susies suprise when Jhon relieved the preasure out the back door he spayed liquid shit all over her neck and chest. Thus giving Susie a Mexican Turtle Neck
by Bangkok Benny May 21, 2009
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