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When one consumes a mass amount of spicy mexican food thus paying for it the next day when one encounters severe explosive diarrhea where leftover floaty mexican food can be seen. This usually leaves behind fine toilet art.
Ex. Sara goes to Don Lorenzo's and eats the entire dish of chicken chimichanga on top of a basket of tortilla's with salsa and guacamole. About an hour later she sprints to the nearest restroom and experiences a mexican toothache.
by taniabakersbu August 02, 2009
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Applying toothache medicine to your partner's anus . The effect of this is to allow anal sex before they know what hit them . A condom should be worn lest you become numb also .
This is best done without the others person's knowledge .
After giving her a Mexican Toothache , getting into her rear was no problem !
by B. Hillard September 15, 2006
stomach ache, comparable to Montezuma's revenge
after eating that fried chicken last night, I got a really bad Mexican Tooth Ache!
by youarenotthefather November 02, 2004

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