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The scale used to determine the coolness of Mexicans, based on last name.

10: Rodriguez--coolest of the cool, BAMF

9: Moreno--very BA

8: Hernandez-- really awesome guy

7: Ramirez--pretty cool

6: Castillo--cool but not BAMFy at all

5: Flores--nice person

4: Mendoza--decent but not good

3: Castro--a bit asanine

2: Sanchez--semi-dumb, could be smelly

1: Gomez--what an idiot!
If your last name is Rodriguez, congratulations!
Moreno's pretty cool. I'd hate to be Gomez! That dweeb.
With the Mexican Name Scale, it's a lot easier for me to tell who's hot and who's not.
#mexican #rating #scale #cool #coolness #names
by Wentzahol May 29, 2012
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