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A hotdog served on a warm bun, topped with ketchup, honey mustard, relish, mayo, pickles, tomatoes, jalepenos and onion. This dish was ovecoarse created authentically be Mexicans.
Also any hotdog with many condiments on it.
Man, that mexican hotdog had everything on it!
by Headladn June 27, 2014

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1. The act of a woman taking a dump on a man's penis and then performing a blow job upon said penis.

2. A chihuahua/weiner dog mix
Rico: Carla totally ate my Mexican Hotdog last night!

Pepe: Ay dios mio!
by The Chiweenie December 09, 2009
after performing an alabama hot pocket
stick it in her vagina
and ejaculate , shooting your fecies and semen onto her cunt lips
only real hoes do mexican hot dogs
by Robert J. Dole November 13, 2007