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Any object, person, food, or animal that appeals to Mexicans. Some things that are most likely to have Mex Appeal are bobble head dolls, cars with air ride systems and 13x12 100 spoke gold rims, white women, taco's (not to be confused with Taco Bell), and chihuahuas.
Damn! Diego must have some serious Mex Appeal because I just saw him driving down Santa Fe Ave. eating a taco with a hot blond in his new car that has air ride and a bobble head Chihuahua.
by donkeypunchyou March 10, 2009
Mex appeal is the tendency to be sexually or otherwise (mysteriously) attracted to males --usually overweight or disfigured-- of the hispanic or "latino" race. This attraction is incomprehensible to the ordinary white man, but seems entirely reasonable to the afflicted individual. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: a sudden appetite for Tapatio, an interest in the Raiders, or "Raider Nation", and --above all-- an insatiable desire for brown or "colored" penis.
I don't get how that fat dirty mexican gets laid. He must have Mex Appeal.
by vanessa m October 16, 2007
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