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An insult used by Loki in the Avengers movie which roughly translates into modern English as 'Whining Cunt'.
Loki: You mewling quim. I will use your very emotions and femaleness to break you horrifically
Black Widow: *insulted*
by Queen Loki May 28, 2012
Victorian era slang which literally means a whimpering vagina. This can be used as an insult synonymous to whiny bitch, cry-baby, or wussy.
In the 2012 Avengers movie, Loki tells the Black Widow, "This is my bargain, you mewling quim"
by RenFestGeek May 05, 2012
An insult used by Loki of Asgard from movie "The Avengers".

Mewling: to cry/whine
Quim: British vulgar term for vagina
Mewling quim: Whiny vagina
Loki: Shut up, you mewling quim!
by Mrs. Loki Laufeyson August 18, 2012
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