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Mettalic: is a person that, has grown up rough with parents tht misstreat them and in which grow up to be a hard ass or a person that will argue and not back down.

Mettalic people are brought up rough and keep the anger that they have from beign brough up that way inside them, and they take it out on their peers, they think everyone wants to fight them , they think everyone is talking about them and all they want to do is fight back, mettalic people can hold their emotion but in reality dont liek the way they live, they want to change but cant cause theya re too deep into what they have gotten their selfs into.

these people are usually skinny , sometimes bigger they are the ones in school that have the inteligent brain but dont use it, the ones that dont try cause they are so down they dont care this is a mettalic perosn.
a person who is treated rough and acts rough and liek everyone is out to get them . thats a Mettalic (person)
by chris2low December 16, 2010

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