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N; adj.

Second generation Mexican American who has embrace a metro lifestyle (see metro).

Characterized by wearing a variety of modern urban styles: especially form fitting - and ever so slightly sagging - Gothic or emo jeans (see Gothic and emo); an over-sized sports cap with a straight brim (usually of a team the Metrocan has no idea what sport the team competes, but matches the day's outfit), or large hair brushed and sprayed straight up; and a subtlety plaid long sleeve shirt that has a hint of urban "gangsta" (see gangsta).

Known to participate in a fad dance style called Shuffling (see Shuffling or running in place).
A large group of teenage Metrocans gathered in a circle after school and broke into a shuffle.

The Metrocan Shuffle session was short lived due to the school banning Shuffle music.
by a. mused October 05, 2011
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