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When you rudely get interrupted by a customer of the MetroPCS network. Usually consisting of the lowest of low class, horrible credit, drug dealing, trailer trash, nigger, ultra-low class. When working in a retail store that sells more than one company, you can automatically tell if the customer coming in the door has MetroPCS or not just by the way they look and carry themselves as an individual. MetroPCS customers are usually very rude, loud, smell horrible, take the city bus everywhere or bicycle around town.
I went to work this morning, opened the store 10 minutes early so i could eat my breakfast only to find someone sitting on the concrete outside the front door. It was a MetroPCS'er. He came in and asked a million questions causing my breakfast to get cold- i got fuckin metroPCS'ed man.
by ihatemetropcscustomers August 20, 2008

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