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aka Metro PCS

receive text an hour after they are sent to you. people from different countries call you in the middle of the day.

cant receive any text with songs or wallpapers on every phone even though the phone can play music
Rob:What kind of service you have?
John:Metro piece of shit
by Charliethemotherfuckinunicorn March 14, 2009
Usually a filler for Metro PCS. Sometimes used to make fun of a network.
"What wireless network do you use?" "Metro piece of shit." *Sigh*
by Remington A September 03, 2008
MetroPCS bad reception, lame phones, so many dropped calls
1: I just got a new T-Mobile Sidekick!

2: I still have my Metro PieceofShit phone
by victoriadaniellemabelle June 17, 2009
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