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1) Useless cards that bend easily and wreck easily and get lossed easily. But because god hates us this is how New Yorkers are forced to take the train, or go on the bus. you go to a machine and place the amount of money you want, than pray you dont sit on it.

2) A dumb move when someone goes up to a girl and quicky chops or slides his hand down her ass or vagina than yells "Metro Card!" Ussually a comback when a girl bankoks you.
1) Books, pencils, paper, metr...

2)Sandra: Hey whats that?!
Me: whats what? *turns away*
Sandra: BANGKOCK! *Smacks balls*
Me: AHH! Not infront of my mom!
Sandra: Weres your mom? *turns away*
Me: METRO CARD *Chops vagina and runs like hell*
by Rattlesnake316 July 26, 2005
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A pre-paid card used on buses and subways sold by the MTA in major cities. (NY)
I need to buy a new metrocard, this one is almost empty.
by Jooooooooe August 07, 2006
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when someone creeps up behind you and takes their hand (usually their right) and slides it up your ass crack and then says "metro card", hence the name
dick, stop metro carding me, that shit hurts
by Jim March 07, 2005
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An African-American in a position of power in a tech company. A high-tech token.
That Prestone J. Davis be one bad-ass Metrocard. He became division president through melanic manipulation and being below 7.5 IRE units (super black}
by Jean Shepehrd K2ORS February 11, 2009
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