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A person(s) who's lips are small and cover their teeth. Almost looks like they don't have teeth. There are two ways a person can get meth lips. #1 the obvious way is to smoke alot of meth. And #2 is to be born with them. People born with the meth lips are usually trash anyways and it looks like they smoke meth so it evens itself out. Also see meth lisp
#1. Dam, have you seen Pete lately? Ever since he started smoking meth he developed meth lips. What a fuckin ra-tard.

#2. Hey Billy you see that fine ass body on that chick over there!
Billy: yea she hot and all but she got some meth lips, that shit probably feels like two pieces of cardboard when she sucks a dick.
by Milwaukee Markus 414 March 23, 2011
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