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Something that is used in Reference to something that isn't real but more something of an idea.

Used in a metaphor,
something my best friend Erin doesn't get <33333
Ashley: "He wants my candy, metaphorically speaking of course"
Erin: "Whats that?!, Meta-... candy?! what the fuck?!"
by ashweehavwakk October 27, 2009
Identical to " Figuratively Speaking"
Simply it means, when you say something which is not really true or realistic but you use it for expressing the intense of the circumstance. Obviously it is not similar to " Literally" or " Literally speaking". Literally means that is exactly true but metaphorically is when it's not true is just use to express the intense. Check the example to figure it out properly.
"He almost got me heart attack?" He said

" Really?" Rez asked

"Metaphorically speaking of course"
by 8Rez May 03, 2016
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