1. Pretty boy
2. Spammy BF player (see Zagga)
3. Dude with a hot sister (see Brooke)
by Rec0n September 24, 2003
Top Definition
1. Possibly the greatest 2D side-scroller of all time. Released by SNK back in 1996, the series is currently in it's fifth arcade incaranation with two other versions for the Neo Geo Pocket and one for mobile phones.

Also is being used as a theme for a series of Pachinko machines being produced by SNK.

2. The Super Vehicle 001; resembles a cartoonish mini-tank. Has the untanklike power to hop, and is armed with two mini-vulcan guns and a large caliber tank cannon, which can be armed with H.E. and Armor Piercing Rounds.
"Metal Slug > Gunstar Heroes."
"Metal Slug Attack!"
by Jeff February 18, 2004
Also known as Super Vehicle-001. It is a personal Tank with Cannon and Dual Machine Guns.
by Anonymous August 31, 2003
1.One of the greatest 2d games in history, made by SNK corp.

2.The burning slug of a caliber bullet which usually found in a newbie's head.

3.A great counter-strike player with unmatched mapping skills.
metal_slug made maps like aim_ak-colt3 and aim_awp3 which can be downloaded at www.na-clan.net
by Anonymous August 29, 2003
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