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A redhead-slash-brunette chick from Metal Gear Solid. Although a tomboy, she is actually quite cute, and she likes it when you stare at her titties.

She is also VERY flexy (in Twin Snakes, you can see her doing little exercises in her cell; sometimes when you look down at her on different occasions, she will do different exercises, including calesthenics). ^.^
"Why're you staring at my..?"
-MGS : Twin Snakes, staring at Meryl.
by Dave June 06, 2004
A red-haired female character from the Konami PS1 game Metal Gear Solid.
She is sniped by Sniper Wolf in an effort to lure Solid Snake out of hiding, but this fails.
Depending on whether you give in to Revolver Ocelot's torture or not, she either dies at the end or escapes with you.
. . .Umm, can't think of anything.
by Harrier September 13, 2003

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