Word used to define the slash pairing consisting of Merlin and Arthur Pendragon from the BBC TV Show "Merlin".

The relationship has been defined a "platonic love story" by the actor playing Mordred, Alexander Vlahos.

Julian Murphy, one of the four Co-Creators of Merlin, has practically made ​​the pair canon in the last episode's commentary. This commentary was well welcomed by all the fangirls who shipped the two of them from the first episode.

Julian Murphy: We did very genuinely think of the episode as a love story between two men.

Julian Murphy: He’s dying… And the man he loves is dying, so he’s holding him.
Person #1: Just saw the last episode of Merlin and I'm full of Merthur feels!
Person #2: Me too! Merthur is totally canon!
by Hamulas April 16, 2013
Top Definition
Name for the slash pairing of Merlin and Arthur from the BBC television show 'Merlin'.
Person #1: I watched the season finale of Merlin last night. So much slash!

Person #2: I read a really good Merthur fanfic based on that episode!

Person #1: I love Merthur! Send me the link!
by I am an unknown person August 25, 2009

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