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A town of mostly middle to upper-class people trying to raise their families in a "safe, small town". Though the amount of minorities living in the town is probably under 10, most highschoolers (and some middle school students) are quite familiar with drugs and partying, simply because there is nothing else to do in the town.

Sure, it may be an hour from Boston and an hour away from the mountains, but that means everything is an hour away, so drinking and smoking a lot (and I mean a LOT) of marijuana are the only pastimes.

Parents may love this town, but kids can't wait to get out of this hell hole. The highschool is a drama filled whore fest, and, sadly, there are more white kids trying to be gangster than there are fat kids trying to eat cake.

Also, the football team has been total garbage in the recent years, winning perhaps 2 or 3 games per season though all the individual players are quite talented. Additionally, Merrimack gives the shocker more than the rest of the East Coast combined.
Hey are you from Merrimack, NH?

YO FUCK dat town man! I'mma move outta dis shit hole soon as my ass can! *throws up shocker*
by call me steve... June 04, 2011
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