If it's a mermaid, with merman "junk"...then its a Mermaphrodite.
I was stoked to see a mermaid for the first time....but then i looked down and that fish had a penis. It was a Mermaphrodite.

WOW, Ariel's hung!

See... Lady Gaga
by Raymond Holzhuter December 28, 2009
Top Definition
Quite similar to a hermaphrodite, a mermaphrodite is a merperson, with the genitilia of both a merman and a mermaid.
"So my ship gets wrecked at sea and I'm thinking, 'Alright! You're going to die.' But just then, out of nowhere, I get pulled to safety by this thing! Like a mermaid, but it sorta looked like Jamie Lee Curtis. When I noticed it's adam's apple I realized it must have been a mermaphrodite."
by Marc Sauve December 16, 2005
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