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A world renowned and highly respected gangster. Known for his crazy off the chain beats such as the jungle and halloween beats. "His beats are bangers!!!"-Quick J Reviews. He will break your face if you mess with him and him and afablo will hurt you bad.
Sometimes used as and adjective or noun.

Adj: "Wow, he was pissed, did you see him just merk diesel that kid!!"

Noun: "Damn, merkle jsut broke of buchi awaji!!! GET EM BUCK!!!!"
by Dyloon March 02, 2005
A merk diesel is a power plant for boats. see:Cummins-MerCruiser's Sterndrive and Inboard Diesel Series
Yo!Yo! Joey you runnin' biofuel in that merk diesel? It smells like Skippers fish and chip, dude!
by rico b.c. October 04, 2006
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