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A girl who not only attends Mercy, but has a ridiculous amount of school spirit and pride. As much as she whines about the school, she would never leave. Because the real world is nothing like Mercy, and any time the Mercy Girl leaves, she's got the urge to grab her Herve Chapelier tote and run like hell back to those auditorium doors.
God, that girl in Sports Night, what a Mercy Girl. She was completely losing her mind during games and races.
by ohhh snap. April 07, 2005
A girl who:
1) you can say "the sluty freshman" to and they will all know exactly who you are talking about
2) holds contest with her friends to see who can not shave their leg hairs the longest
3) pretends to prefer calvert hall guys but gets really exited over even the ugliest of Loyola guys
4) make fun of the girls who wear make-up to school (seriously its a waste)
5) brings enough food for everyone where ever she goes (but really its just for her)
6)probably doesn't know that she lives south of the mason dixon line
7)knows to hide from jj at all cost
8)goes to sports events only if there is food or she is in it
9)Has to consult everyone she knows over every outfit because she isn't used to dressing herself due to constant uniform wear (of course when no ones around she also has perfect style)
10)knows that although hygiene is important and should be kept up regurally if she slept in or is feeling sick combing your hair can be deleted and replaced with a mess bun
Mercy Girls all ways have the most fun!
by Mercy girl all the way July 31, 2007
a girl who attends our lady of mercy academy. thinks a large chocolate chip cookie is breakfast. looks amazing in plad. and spends hundreds of dollars on a costume for sports night.
A mercy girl experiences freshman 15 in high school.
by mercygirl101 January 17, 2008
A girl who attends Mercy Highschool and is different from the other 20 some odd private schools in the Baltimore area because they are memorable. Often called the "whores on the hill" Mercy girls, in reality, are sweet girls who are friends with at least 90% of their class and don't flaunt their money because thats not whats important to them, OR they just don't have it.They dress in cute <non doll dress> uniforms, party hard, and at the end of the day will come back years after they graduate because it's where they made their best friends and stole other girls boyfriends.
Those red plaid skirts? Yep, definitely Mercy Girls
by Tinkerbellz April 17, 2005
for the one who wrote "a girl who goes to our lady of Mercy" there is no our lady of mercy in the baltimore area its just mercy and odds are you go to ind which is the less cool version of mercy and are just jelous that we can get a guy and you can! (and there is no maternity uniform)
anyone who doesn't like mercy girls is an idiot
by true mercy girl July 31, 2007
A Mercy Girl is a girl that goes to Mercy High School which is an awesome all girls school in the Baltimore area. The skirts are light gray in the summer and red and black in the winter.

Mercy is rivals with the lame all girls school known as IND. But Catholic High thinks that we're their rivals. Anything that happens on Friday night is already being gossiped during check-in on Monday morning.

We have the cutest uniforms of any school in the Baltimore. (Unlike some schools who go to school looking like maids...). From Freshman Orientation to Graduation, you're the happiest you could possibly be.
We're Mercy Girls and we're fucking proud of it!
by MERCYYY October 25, 2008
Girls who attend Our Lady of Mercy Academy and are involved in school activities, shaving legs on a monthly basis while hair is in asirty bun.

mercy girls make fun of class mates who wear make up to school and who fix/straighten their hair. they avoid nuns in the hallways at all costs while looking fine in plaid.
on weekends mercy girls transform into the hott hygenic girls everyone sees and are the life of the party. they go on to be fabulous women who either marry extremely wealthy men or have successful carreers. after graduation, alumni visit too often because they miss the chocolate chip mercy life.
"She's such a mercy slut"

"how dare you! she's a nice lady"

"I'm sorry, your right, i really meant Mercy Girls because it's obvious now i could never land such a hott successful girl with my ugly face"
by ya doot May 02, 2010
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