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the best fanfiction in the freaking world for "Romeo and Juliet", look it up.
you don't need an example. MERCUTIO AND ALLEGRA IS EPIC.
by not cornadopia. May 26, 2009
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A freaking awesome fanfiction about "Romeo and Juliet" that I happened to come across. It's funny, touching, and Shakespeare himself would be like wow, this is awesometh. Seriously great... I can't believe it's just a fanfiction...
"This is not just a girl you love!" Benvolio exploded. "'Tis a Capulet girl! The younger sister of Theobald and Ricardo, who hate you enough as it is! If they realize you have been teasing their innocent younger sister, they will break you in half!"

"Tease!" Mercutio repeated. "Tease? Really, Benvolio, have I ever teased about love?"

Benvolio stared at him.

Mercutio cleared his throat. "Ay. Well, I do not tease now! What, you do not believe me?"
- From chapter 6 of mercutio and allegra.
by jimbobface April 02, 2010
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