a woman who is tom boyish and yet straight; a woman who enjoys being one of they guys and likes talk cars and hang out and the local car rallies; a woman who enjoys working on cars or in a garage
Mercy Thompson of the Mercedes Thompson book series
#mercy #mercedes #woman #name #tomboy
by Merck January 20, 2009
A vehicle brand of which the 1925-1948 models with required application are classic cars.
Can also be used as a female name. This "female" may look like a certain animal, known as an elephant. Due to their overly large ears. She's also a biter if you know what I mean. She's got much cellulite on her stomach and the sign of "666" found underneither her hair. So if you see someone like this, report it to the Calgary Zoo.
"HEY muh name is mercedes IMMAH gangsta AND i DONT'Z KARE wat Y'ALL gotz TA SAY bout ME CUZ it DONT MEAN nutin 2 ME I lyke TAKIN picz OF MUH boday THAT i THINK is OH so sexxeh AND im GONNA beat SUM galz CUZ I think I CAN do IT"

She may speak like that.
#dumbo #mercedes #elephant #biter #shelly
by TyanaBryttani July 18, 2006
An ugly, bitchy girl who starts rumors and ruins everyones lives. she's a compulsive lying whore who will do anything to get ahead. She's an awful friend and will stab you in the back any chance she gets don't believe anything she tells you. She probably has a shit load of STD's and nobody really likes her, she amazingly has a million friends though. She's also a fat stupid cheater, dont go near her.
girls: Mercedes is so awful, I'm glad I'm not friends with her.
every boy who has a brain: ew, whata whore, I'd never date that ugly slut.
#whore #slut #bitch #cunt #skank
by coocooAl August 06, 2011
All girls called mercedes are BRATS,
Mercedes the girl at my school
by anon April 20, 2005
a fat girl about 14-15 who likes to break guys hearts. mercedes is also annoying and immature, altho she can be nice mercedes is over confident and likes to be a fuckin ass to poeple and shes not pretty. mercedes is also obsessed with the mercedes benz and other cars she is usually tomboyish she is very bubbly too :) some mercedes have big boobs
tell mercedes to shut up please
#sadie #mercedes #fat #obsessed #mean #ugly #ass
by vineyard for jada July 06, 2009
fat black whore who eats cake all day. makes up stories about herself,
great bipolar disorder. is confused about her sexuality. likes girls AND guys. Big huge tits that can take down a skyscraper. gets raped alot. trys to be the emo/scene girl, has no real friends, major poser and whos house gets burned down by the KKK. because everybody hates her (:
" i was hungry so i went out with a mercedes, cuz i thought she was a hersey kiss!.. i was wrong :("
#fat #whore #herseykiss #bipolar #kkk #dyke #did i mention fat?
by megatron fuck yooh February 14, 2009
Official car of the National Asshole Association.
Did you just see that douche in a Mercedes cut me off? It's like he thinks he owns the whole road!
by Queen Cynic May 25, 2016
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