Someone who can demolish two consecutive 12 inch meatball subs while giving a handjob
The mera inhabits the court of the swampdonkey!
by Bogy November 20, 2003
Top Definition
The most beautiful woman on earth; woman of the sea; the light; star
"She was shining like Mera"
by Lun May 13, 2006
In Japanese, it means burn. It's an onamatopeia when describing the sound that fire makes.
The fire was all like "mera mera" when I turned my lighter on.
by Retho June 09, 2011
The feeling you get when your IQ is dropping due to a sudden attack of 'Interwebz Derpiness'. Thankfully, your brain can recover from such going ons, though the time it has taken to rehabilitate oneself has been an estimate 2.3 days. (Though some people have been recorded to have longer recovery durations, sometimes lasting up to a week)
Under the impression of MERA you may feel the urge to do the following;
Enter anonymous chat sites, Make AMV's, Troll, and TLK LYK DIS.
Man, I watched wayyy too much Anime last night. I could definitely feel the MERA coming on when I started to pay more attention to the chat site on the right side of the page.
by Rolf Albus April 27, 2011
Beatiful girl who likes lil allans
Dont go out with that girl because she's a mera
by n0oK March 23, 2003
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