Meowth is a member of team rocket, along with Jesse and James. He is the only one of his kind that can talk, and is a pet of Giovanni's.
"That's Right!"
by Sideshow Fred October 05, 2003
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Third member of Team Rocket. Meowth is a male Normal-type Pokemon. As a young kitten he fell in love with a female Meowth named Meowsie, who was an absolute biatch. To impress her, Meowth worked his cute little ass off learning how to talk. Unfortunately those dang writers made Meowsie reject him anyway, he got sad and looked for a job.. He joined Team Rocket, an organisation devoted to stealing rare and valuable Pokemon, and was teamed up with rookie members Jessie and James. Since that day forth the infamous trio have been going about their daily lives, through a routine of Thunder-shocking/-bolting/-shetting and such and providing us (the audience) with much needed entertainment in this dull, lifeless repetition that is Pokemon.

Long story short: Meowth is the coolest anime animal villain ever.
Meowth is sexayyy.. =)
by Cho0xy21 February 18, 2005
A Normal type Pokemon; Scratch Cat species. It likes to collect coins and round items. It evolves into Persian at Level 28. (?)
by Shawn B. October 23, 2003
A jewish pokemon that collects coins and screws people over.
Bernie Madoff is such a meowth.
by Osie3 October 01, 2011
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