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When one speaks, or shows a certain essence, in such a way, Meowserlot would. Meowserlot is a wondrous mentally ill child. Usually meowserlike behavior causes awkwardness, and or anger. And this causes joy among most everyone.
Person 1: Much like everyone else, I too, would like to cum inside of Rainbow Dash.

Person 2: Wow. That's very meowserlike of you.

Person 1: You're talking meowserlike just by saying that.

Person 3: What a meowserlike conversation...
by Ghidorager February 04, 2013
Let's start off by saying that Meowserlot is a manipulative mentally sexual deviant.

Speaking or acting in a certain matter that Meowserlot would, is considered meowserlike behavior.

Meowserlike behavior can and will make you ambivalent.

One who is meowserlike, ships on a regular basis. And thoroughly enjoys using "cum" instead of "come".

Phrases usually consist of the same concept, or use the same template, if you will.

Such as,
"(Much like _______,) I too, want to cum inside of ______"
"That/it's a thing (now)."

Commonly used words or terms,
Fact, Flutter butter, Therefore, Fleshlight, Cum, Poptart, Har, Clop, Hawt, Wut

Commonly used emoticons,
/)^3^(\, o3o

Basically, to sum it all up, if you're acting like a perverted retard, then you are meowserlike.
*Person 1 joins chat*

Person 1: So, how's everyone doing?

Person 2: I just had a good clop, thanks for asking.

Person 1: ...

Person 3: Ugh, go away, we don't want any of your meowserlike bull shit.

Person 4: May I just say, that, I too, would like to cum inside of Rainbow Dash? /)^3^(\

Person 3: -_-

Person 1: ...I'm just gonna...

*Person 1 exits chat*

Person 3: Great, that's another person scared away.
by Danneh Boi March 18, 2013
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