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A sub-genre of rock in which the singers of the bands sing with a pseudo-soulful, southern twang that makes all of their lyrics sound like a cat from Georgia Meowing for 3-6 min. Mostly tools listen to this. One might say it sounds like they are trying to sing with a pint of syrup in their mouth and they are trying to not spit it out, but not swallow it either. Bands that are in this genre: Pearl Jam, Creed, Cold, Kings of Leon, Matchbox 20 / Rob Thomas, Nirvana part 2 or (Seether), Hinder, and much more.
Man I met this dude at this party and he seemed cool enough so I was cool to him. The next day I found out he liked Meow Rock, so I hit him with a bus.
by xxPowerlocxx March 20, 2011
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