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The act of inserting a full package of mentos to the inside of an asshole during anal sex and - subsequently - adding your jizz and a glass of diet coke to the mix.

Drinking the ensuing mudslide is optional.
Jerry gave Melanie the best mentos mudslide ever; she gaped like a pro and the ass-geyser was at least 7in high!
by diabolicphallus November 18, 2007
The practice of - during anal sex - placing an entire pack of Mento's into the asshole of the receiver. And subsequently pouring an obscene amount into the gaping area. The imminent and unavoidable minty explosion would be a Mento's Mudslide.
Hey Billy, last night I gave Charlotte a Mento's mudslide.

Yea I did put the Mento's in there, you should try it sometime. Its called a Mento's Mudslide.

by Zachary C. November 17, 2007
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