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A highly educated insecure person that makes themselves feel better about who they are by starting a conversation and asking others what they think, then using all of thier knowledge to badger a person into seeing why they are wrong.
Genius: hey man what do you think about evolution?
Average guy: I think we were created
Genius: I went to the best universities and read many books on the subect. All of the most brilliant minds in the world agree with me.
Average guy: Well thats your opinion, i just dont agree with it.
Genius: What education do you have? Obviously your opinion has nothing to back it up so you must be wrong and im right.
Average Guy: Your a mental Predator! You asked me for my opinion then you proceed to tell me that with your superior intellect and education I must be wrong and your right, so why ask me my opinion anyway?
by Rad56 August 26, 2012