a hot sexy ginger with 'tude who likes to holla at all the ladies. also has been known to go by big red, men-na$ty, my fair menist, feMenist, red riding hood, fire crotch, menny boy, men men
a menist is smooth with the ladies and has been known to even be a playa
that menist walking down frat row is FIIIIIIINNNNEEEE!!!!!!
by menist-lover March 08, 2009
Top Definition
A defender of the noble and respectful viewpoint of men's inaliable right.
person 1: fuck men
person 2: GTFO asshat, I am a menist
by Johnny Walker REDHAT October 23, 2010
A term coined on Twitter as a JOKE to mock feminism. These are people who generally are all for gender equality but misunderstand the term 'feminism' and mistake the extremists for the norm. NOT to be mistaken for "Men's Rights Activists," who honestly believe that men have an unfair disadvantage in society as compared to women.
Hair-Trigger Feminist: "MENISTS ARE SCUM"
Reasonable Feminist: "Chill. It was a fucking joke, albeit a stupid one. Worry about the fedoras."
by Aiamai The AI Robot June 04, 2015
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