Being a Menio is like being crushed under several different weights of truck. Just merely existing as one means that you exist as a blight on human society and speak with an abnormally high voice. Commonly the only treatment known to silence the Menio is to place him at work with Mr Chow, who definatly silences the annoyance that is the Menio. Menio's are also Greek which means that they are complete and utter retards and have no cognitive thinking abilities beyond that of making jokes when the sauce gun goes "fart".
That Menio, his voice is annoying
Yea he's a real faggot
by I am Legend47 June 22, 2011
Top Definition
Person who lives in Mascot that has a fat gut and is not a Turk.
Menios lives in a tree.
by Notta Turk November 07, 2003
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