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Simultaneously the most frightening and most badass person. Likely related to Satan and Samuel L. Jackson. Enjoys long samurai swords, beer mountains, and women who are about half his size. Other hobbies include being irresponsible and hilarious, watching awful pornography, and harassing women. When describing his antics, you can use his name as a verb.
Rose "Please ignore all text messages after 10 PM, I got Will Menegas'ed"

Gurl- halp I've been menegas'ed!
Pierce Eckstrom- whats wrong?
Gurl- He menegas'ed me to the wall with some tape!
Pierce Eckstrom- All this menegas'ing is making me thirsty! I'm gonna menegas some drinks. And then go menegas all over this bitch.
Gurl- Oh noes!

Neil Levy- If I was only as cool as Will Menegas, I would get so many bitches, and go menegas all over them.

Steeg- Im gonna get so wasted im going to eat babies by the end of the night
Pedro- I cant feel my face!
Steeg and Pedro- MENEGAS!
Cameron- Man those guys are goin mad menegas tonight!
by alexa ihns June 05, 2010

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