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Men's movement is the very necessary counter to the growing horror called feminism. Now days it is no longer needed for women to go around claiming to be oppressed in society when they are actually the prefered gender. The fact that this definition with recieve more thumbs down than thumbs up is proof of this notion.

Truth is, feminism is merely an excuse, because feminist say men and women are equal, yet when a woman commits a crime she is given the benifit of a doubt, however if a man committed the same crime--say, sawing off his wife's boobies--he is suddenly called a criminal. How is this a crime if men and women are equal, yet if the woman cuts her husband's penis off, that is not a crime? Perhaps this is understandable only if women's intellect is less developed than men's, therefore they are less able to understand right from wrong. My hypothesis: women's minds are not inferior in intellect, they are simply evil.

The men's movement tries to counter this evil of women by supporting men and encouraging pride in their own gender, equal to the pride feminism grants women in their own gender.
Smart man: Since I've became a father, I have decided to be more involved in the men's movement so my son will have the best role-model he can growing up.

Feminist: That's so stupid! Men are not oppressed therefore there is no use for a men's movement. You should support feminism instead.

Smart man: What good would that do? If they are both for gender equality, I might as well take the male's perspective.

Feminist: You're just being misogynistic.
by Redwolf_JM November 15, 2011

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