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The process when you forget the password (trigger) you have to login (remember) into your email/username/profile/account (memory), often because you need to either:

1. Recall someone's email/username/profile (remember whom someone is when you're talking to them).

2. Flag their Youtube account (cursing out someone/something you know/remember and hate for whatever reason).

3. Send an important document to someone (getting your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse a gift so that they quit blogging you).
Arthur: Douglas! I need you to Jumpstart my memory!
Doug: ...I don't think a computer game is going to help you remember things!
Arthur: ...Douglas, if life were a cheeseburger, you'd be the pickles: essentially garbage!
Doug: Can we lay off the burger jokes already?!
Arthur: Ok, here's the deal: I have an old phonebook full of names and phone numbers.
Doug: So what's the problem?
Arthur: I can't remember the phone number of the particular John Smith I want to call, because otherwise I'll wind up calling all of them, and going through an awkward conversation with each of them.
Doug: How many John Smith's did you know?
Arthur: One hundred and forty-eight!
Doug: ...I was afraid of this! Deacon warned me this might happen!
Arthur: ...beg your pardon?
Doug: It's like doing password recovery, except it's for your memory!
Arthur: I don't care about this 'memory recovery', we best get a move on! Let's start with something simple, like his favorite shampoo brand: that I do remember about this certain John Smith! It's like playing Monopoly!
Doug: I think you mean Trivial Pursuit.
Arthur: I thought that was Monopoly?
Doug: Monopoly's a board game involving money with an old man on the cover and a Scottish Terrier as one of the game pieces!
Arhur: Oh yes! I remember that game: I hated it, because you either go broke, sent to jail, or find yourself the winner: at the end, you end up with absolutely nothing, except feeling depressed and cheated!
by BaconFTW!!! April 30, 2010
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