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Melvindale High School, the worst highschool in the downriver area of Michigan. This school is known for its fake, drama-starting, ghetto, copy-cating, and ignorant kids. The teachers are also very lazy and show alot of favoritism. The custodians don't do their jobs because the rooms and restrooms are filthy. The food is also terrible, you could get a better meal in jail. The girls at the school are either really ghetto, dumb, fake, or nasty. The black kids at the school act like everybody is supposed to bow down to them or act as ghetto they do. I would advise not sending your kid to Melvindale High School or attend the school yourself. If you decide to go to this school you will have the worst time of your life. 
Man I hate melvindale high school !
by Fmhs777 June 01, 2011

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