The most amazing woman you've ever known with a voice of a Goddess. Once she opens her mouth, the world stops to listen. More talented than any human known to man. More beautiful than any female. She has to much love to give through song. No words describe this beauty.
Wow! Every time I hear Melia sing it's like I died and went to heaven!
by MissThaaang February 07, 2010
Top Definition
A feminine beauty, attractive in every sense and swoons all who cross her path with her gorgeous good looks.
Wow that Melia is hot... wish she would notice me...
by Well endowed February 03, 2010
A nerd. A very cute nerd.
Person 1: Aww, she's so adorable!

Person 2: Yeah, but she's kinda nerdy. She's a real Melia.
by callingallthetitans May 05, 2015
1. Melia A bay on the Spanish coast
2. Melia A surname that conjures images of a sexy young man
1. "Whoa, the Bay of Melia is full of man-eating zombie elephants!"
2. "I think Craig Melia is very attractive - he makes my sensual female loins ache with lust"
by Wanktopolis! January 06, 2005
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