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1. In the PC and X-Box game Morrowind, Meldor is an armor merchant in the town of Balmorra. If you attack him, a bunch of soldiers kill you.

They will serve you. Do not try to eat them.

2. To eat hastily

3. To projectile vomit.
1. "I was playing some Morrowind yesterday, and I bought a hat from Meldor."

2. "I Meldored that ham real good."

3. "I Meldored all over the counter last night."
by TheFunkMachine April 12, 2004

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A wood elf in the town of Balmora that will sell you a large variety of armor. You can steal all his crap and run away.
I opened Meldor's chest with Ondusi's unhinging and stole all his crap LOLOLOL. Oh fuck! Ordinators! Run aw-*dies*
by Karbon_kopy December 31, 2005