a term that refers to not giving a shit about something or someone
guy1:you will never believe what i saw today


by rolph February 28, 2007
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pretty pretty pretty :)
That sunrise is mei.
by N.j. October 18, 2005
Referring to a pretty, sexy and hot girl.
She's so mei.
by ilovehimforever March 25, 2009
reffering to somebody who is a hott 'n sexy mamma
OMG, that girl is so Mei.
by Alicey in Wonderland February 11, 2007
Japanese word that means flower. It can be used as a surname
"My name is Mei, it means flower"
by MeiVerona September 21, 2009
Prefix in sentences typically used by Italian-Americans.
"Me I wanna go eat a big canoli"
"Me I bro"
"Me I wanna chop that broad over there"
"Me I'm Luigi"
by eric spanooooo June 07, 2006
A middle school girl who asks for a serious tonne of TBH on facebook.
"W0W can you write me a book"-Mei
"No, mei, I will not meike a book of tbh for you"
by YAODA November 09, 2013
girl or guy that is commonly shorter than the average asian. Tends to work at beverage counters that serve cheap artifical drinks. ie: quicky's, tapioca express, etc... a player that drives around in cars, illegally.
example A.
guy: Hey mei can i get a milk tea?

mei: hold on let me get a stool.

guy: alright i wont get tapioca then.

example B

girl: Hey mei can u drive me home?

mei: i cant i got caught driving illegally
by Leo918 September 26, 2008

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