Used in response to questions when one simply cannot be bothered to, or simply cannot find the right words to answer. The word has numerous meanings and intents, thus meaning one must apreciate the TONE in which the word is spoken aswell as CONTEXT in order to correctly interpret the response.

Most often accompanied by a humble chin stroke and shoulder shrug. With careful use the word has the power to make one seem smart, however over use can have a reverse effect.

The true answer to the universe.
*Question; yo dude sup?
Response; Meh *

here meh can be taken to mean,
'I'm not doing anything'
'I'm not doing much but i cant be bothered to talk to you'
'I'm doing lots-don't have time to form a response'
'My life sucks but you don't realy need to know that'
'my fishy drowned'
'I ate too many jelly babies and now I am hyper'
'Fuck off and die bitch'
by fraddz May 15, 2007
A word used in response to a statement or question because your actions, behavior, logic, science, religion, intelligence/lack thereof, and all other aspects in regards to your person are of no interest to me in any way.
Question: "OMG! Isn't this the best thing ever?!"
Answer: "Meh"

Statement: "I don't understand why people keep laughing at me...it's an important realization"
Answer: "Meh"
by Grayscale July 15, 2011
meaning so-so, a verbal shrug. showing no care in the subject or subject matter. also can be used as to ask a question, or takes the place of "what"
tom: what did you think of the movie?
ed: it was meh.

tom: how was class today?
ed: meh.

tom: I eat babies!!
ed: meh?
by tedbundier May 11, 2008
indiferent.....don't care
i first heard the word in 2000. i stooped down to pet a cat.. it ducked and moved out the way... i said "don't u want a pat?" the cat relied "MEH" and strolled off casually
by Andre Impossible September 04, 2010
a non-commital sound possibly meaning assent or dissent, but carefully neutral to allow the listener to draw their own conclusions
"So, Colette, are you excited about watching Episode III tonight?"
"Sweet. See you tonight!"


"So, Colette, are you excited about watching Episode III tonight?"
"Well, fine. Don't come if you don't want to."
by nightofshiningdeath March 09, 2007
Meh is a word with virtually no meaning, used as a filler for responses to the questions 'How're you?', 'Whats up?', and 'What's wrong?'. This word was spread madly, somehow reaching the lips of me and my friends. See deyzhen.
'Fuck man, you look depressed. Whats wrong?'
by Matt January 11, 2005
The sound a cat makes when it wants attention, as opposed to 'meow', 'rrow', or 'mow'.
More often than not a cat will repeat 'meh' several times in a row to attract attention to themselves.
(Kiki is walking by Billy the cat and standing next to her food and water bowls.)
Billy: Meh, meh, meh, meehhhhhh, mehhhhhhhhhh!!!
Kiki: Billy wants meh?
Billy: Meh!
by dr. kiki October 28, 2009
"I dont care", or "I'm bored", or "I dont wanna", or "I dont feel like replying."
tommy: What do you wanna do?

julian: stare at a wall!! Zat sound fun?

tommy: meh.
by liz&asiaroflpotatozzzzzz July 31, 2009

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