A video game designed for the Nintendo GameCube. Its story is based off of the popular GameBoy Advance series, "Megaman Battle Network" aka "RockMan.exe". In this game you play as both Lan, an elementary school student who controls Megaman, his 'net navi' and MegaMan himself. I prefer the Battle Network series.
I love playing Megaman Network Transmission!
by Anonymous November 01, 2004
Top Definition
A Mega Man game based off the GBA-Hit series, MegaMan Battle Network. The is a platformer, which brings back the meaning to Megaman games. The game itself, is different from the RPG game, it is a side-scrolling game that you blow stuff up with a buster, and a weapon of some sort (In this case, the Chips instead of weapons from bosses). Each chip has it's own maximun amount to hold, chip damage, element, Chip Gauge usage, and memory. People use those to their advantages to defeat the evil people(Don't ask me, I haven't played in months.)
This game takes play after the first game.
Mega Man shoots Cannons at Proto Man :)
by Lyrrad July 16, 2005
This GCN game fucked the Megaman Battle Network series up the ass. It went from an awesome real-time RPG to a lame platformer.
MMNT screwed the awesome Battle NEtwork series badly.
by Majextic September 02, 2004
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