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Dwight's (from The Office) work area where he combined three desks to make one mega desk. Each computer has it's own task, one for sales, gaming, and the third for misellaneous office criteria.

Dwight made the desk during the time Jim and Pam had their child. He coneived the desk by pushing them together in the pattern of a U shape. When Jim came back, mega desk was disassembled and never fully brought back.
Jim, just 5 more minutes with mega desk, please.
by Tokisaur March 24, 2010
In The Office, Season 7, Episode 'St Patricks Day', Dwight K Schrute, Assistant to the Regional Manager combines his desk with coworker Jim Halpert's desk while Jim is on paternity leave, naming it megadesk. Megadesk consisted of a gaming station, a work station, command central, and surveillance. The antics ensue when Jim returns.
Jim: Dwight what did you do?
Dwight: This is Megadesk.
by DKSchrute March 24, 2010
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