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A person that is not only a virgin in the usual sense, but has also never done anything remotely sexual with a member of the opposite sex
Tim: Hey, I think I'm going to hit on that girl
James: Don't bother, she's a mega virgin.
Tim: Oh, never mind then.
#virigin #prude #slut #hooker #whore #mega prude
by EjectGooseEject November 07, 2010
A person who is so enveloped in a hobby or fad that they have no time to pursue basic needs. These basic needs include bathing, exercise, fresh air, and procreating.
Jack missed work, again, to play World of Warcraft! He sure is a mega virgin.
#megavirgin #mega-virgin #virgin #world of warcraft #nerd
by Raquel Wallace May 22, 2008
A mega virgin is not only someone who hasn't pursued anything sexually, but also hasn't kissed or dated the same or opposite sex
"She's a mega virgin? She's so pretty, how!?"
by Grador November 16, 2015
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