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an add on to jammed. an accent to jammed. "MEGA Jammed"
emphasis needs to be used on "MEGA" for effect if necessary.

1. To be screwed over
2. to screwed over somebody
3. a state of being
4. an expression
1. "I just got (MEGA) jammed by Meghan"
2. "I just (MEGA) jammed that dude"
3. "I'm so (MEGA) jammed right now"

also feel free to add in the "F" word where is fits.

A. "I just got so fucking (MEGA) jammed by Meghan" (fucking bitch)
B. "I just (MEGA) fucking jammed that dude"
C. "I'm so (MEGA) jammed. right fucking now"

An Expression: a friend sees another friend hurt himself. example, he walks into a sliding glass door, and the other friend in a deep booming voice says "MEGA JAMMED" coupled with weird facial expressions.
by Henn Diesel January 29, 2009
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