The act of e-mailing from a cell phone using meemo.
I meemo'd Billy a picture of the result of our taco binge.
I got a meemo from a buddy of mine.
by GardenGnomeChomsky March 18, 2008
Top Definition
a type of mermaid that is always hungry and sleepy... At the same time happens to be a very nice and sweet person.
kid 1: dude, i saw this beautiful mermaid at the beach the other day. she was like the laziest thing ever and she kept eating my ice cream.

kid 2 : no dude, thats not what you call a mermaid. thats actually known as a Meemo.
by TSherlock November 04, 2010
A superior race of intelligence which can can also be defined as dictator/kings. They will destroy everything in their path.
"Bow Down To The Mee-Mo"
by Mee-Mo July 31, 2008
A female emo that is commenly mistaken as male.
guy1:"Hey check out that emo dude"
guy2:"Thats no dude thats a chick"
guy1:"HaHa what a meemo!!"
by Aprille March 15, 2007
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